New onesie/playsuit/jumpsuit time!

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a fan of onesies/playsuits/jumpsuits whatever you want to call them. They’re really fun and comfy and practical too! This is the latest addition to my onesie collection:

CIMG1397I got this from a charity shop in Salisbury last week, originally from Lipsy, for £5. I love the shape of this one; I like the relaxed drapey style of it and it’s always good to have pockets. It also has an adjustable elasticated waist which is good for me because my waist is apparently in the wrong place according to the majority of clothing. And it’s floral pattern in all bright colours so it’s just perfect really!

I paired it with a yellow cardigan I bought from another charity shop in Hillsborough a couple of weeks ago for just £2. I decided to tie it around my waist because I thought it looked cute like that (but mainly because when it wasn’t tied it was slightly too long and nearly made me look like I had nothing on underneath from behind..) 

I bought the shoes a while ago from H&M and even though they’re too big so I have to curl my toes a little bit to walk without leaving the shoes behind, I’ve kept them because they’re a good colour and they go with so many things, and they were only £1!

Considering the whole outfit comes in for under a tenner I think it’s a pretty good look *smug face*.


A sunny Sunday

It’s finally sunny – hurray! I literally can’t remember the last day it was nice and sunny so I thought I’d make the most of the weather and spend the day outside. I headed to Lepe country park which is a lovely spot on the coast but unfortunately the world and their dog had the same idea so it was craaaazy busy. I still managed to snap a few photos without herds of people in; here are a couple of my favourites:

101_2120101_2090 101_2091 101_2093101_2101 101_2107 101_2110 101_2112 101_2118

101_2123 And this is what I wore today:


Top: Spanish Market.     Waistcoat: Peru.     Trousers: Sainsburys.    Shoes: Next.

Everyone else seemed to be dressing for the depths of winter in thick puffer jackets and chunky scarves but it was so lovely and warm in the sunshine!

The newest addition to my handmade wardrobe.

Although I’ve studied fashion design, making clothes really isn’t my forte. I haven’t made anything from a pattern since making that dress as it completely destroyed any tiny interest in pattern cutting that I had tucked in the back of my brain. Thankfully this dress was super easy to make, and I’d already cut it out ages ago (although I hadn’t quite got round to making it for some reason..) so it didn’t take too long which is always good. I think it’s a nice shape so I might make a couple more for summer in different fabrics – any reason to visit the fabric shop!

CIMG1221 CIMG1222

Cardigan: H&M.     Knitted waistcoat: Peru.     Shoes: Deichmann

New trousers :)

CIMG1180New clothes are always fun, especially when they’re super colourful and patterned and in the sale! I got these trousers from Sainsburys (I’ve just realised that’s also where the shoes I’m wearing in the photo are from too..) and they were half price, plus £4.00 off, plus 25% off! Pretty chuffed with my new £4.50 trousers 🙂

Prints, prints, and more prints!

One of the first projects I’ve been working on in my new course is a print design brief for Ted Baker. I love print design, but I have to say it’s been quite difficult. Designing for a specific company, especially one that I’m not overly familiar with and has a very strong identity, has been very challenging. It’s one thing to make a print along the lines you’re given and be really pleased with it, but it’s absolutely no use if it’s not suitable for the company you’re making it for.

It’s been an eye-opening and useful experience which I have enjoyed but I will be glad to move onto something new soon – you really start to get sick of something when you’ve been staring at it everyday for months on end!

So here’s the finished result 🙂 I really hope these prints are the sort of thing they’re looking for because I don’t have time to change it now! If nothing else, I’ve given it my all and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. I hope you like 🙂

diamond collection floral collection tropical collection

Please don’t steal these images. They’re not yours. I own them and all their rights and all that jazz.

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas..

It was a lovely sunny day today so I took a trip to Mottisfont Abbey for the first day of their Christmas Nutcracker display. It was so lovely and made me really want to go see the Nutcracker ballet again! The Christmas tree was huuuuuge and looked so pretty 🙂


There was a cute trail round the gardens and house which told the story of the Nutcracker and lots of artists had made mechanical toys. I got there as soon as the house opened and it was pretty busy already so if you’re planning to go I’d say definitely get there early. If you’re going to look at the house, more than for the Nutcracker exhibition, I’d say at the moment is not a great time to go as most of the rooms were closed off.


However the gardens are still as lovely as ever, especially the winter garden which is part of the Nutcracker trail with snowflakes and icicles in the trees 🙂

CIMG0914 CIMG0916

CIMG0915And this is what I wore today…

CIMG0909I can’t believe it’s December on Monday, it’s so warm! I wore thick tights but should’ve gone for normal ones and I didn’t even wear a coat today! I just can’t get used to the weather here down south…